We are Digitizing Pakistan

Devoted to the people, devoted to their future.

Our Projects

SocioOn has conceived and deployed several successful and a ground-breaking projects of its very own showcase of our innovative abilities.


Pakistan’s National Social Media. We are Digitizing Pakistan.


Share your favorite moments with your friends and family.

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Watch all videos of your favorite content creators on SocioTube.

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Feedy the hungry and shelter for homeless.


Daily entertaining content from every walk of life.


Platform of stock videos and images.


Buy, sell and rent property from all over Pakistan.


Hire or Get Hired on best Job offering platform.

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The best platform for a community to gather and socialize.


Eze provides solution to all your shipping and cargo needs.


Send and receive messages, voice and video call with your friends.


We are revolutionizing Pakistan through daily live talkshows.


Listing of Top professionals and celebrities from all fields.


Helping small or low scale businesses to setup and grow.


Trade your NFTs all around the world.

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Stream your favorite movies, dramas and seasons.

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Virtual press club is an association of journalists and streaming portal.

We are Digitizing Pakistan

We offer a variety of the most technologically advanced cloud-based IT solutions available today that cater to the needs of a broad range of industries.

Technology for Human Development

You have a Vision, We have a Team to Get you There

Be My Guest - BMG

This is the main feature of Be My Guest and the main idea behind the development of this platform. Be My Guest will be offering food in your nearest locations, and you can avail it simply by logging on to the application see the locations available in your area.

We're a global team with insanely high standards

Our team comprises highly talented, skill-oriented individuals working together in an environment created to nurture their creativity and their love for the art, which is the recipe to our professionalism and quality of work.

Man Behind The Vision
Iqbal Akhtar Hussain - Group Chairman

I am always driven by challenges and I wanted to see the same strive in my team members as well. The strategies and policies implemented in our products strongly advocate energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. This climate is our home, and we all are responsible for the well-being of it.
Get Group comes as positive and Pro Pakistani Image of Pakistan. Being Multi - Dimensional Group I believe we have made great contributions in the progress of our motherland. We are here to promote excellence and innovation truly new-found ways.
Pakistan Zindabad!

Baqar Bilal Hussain
Group CEO

Following our Founder's footsteps, the strive for excellence and perfection has been cultivated deeply in our roots. Building a team is not easy it takes compassion and like-mindedness between the individuals.
We are proud to say that we have developed such an amazing working environment where everyone feels at home and there are no communication barriers.
Our team's sheer determination is the reason behind Get Group's success.

About Organization

We are committed in providing the best support & services to our customers and taking it one step further than others in the game.
SocioOn believes in sustainable goals for a better world for the generations to come. In more than a decade, the group has come a long way since its humble beginnings. We believe in empowering through technology, enabling innovation and reinvention.